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She made a joking reference to the "gun in your pants" and said that since her house was remote, if he did visit her there, no one would hear her scream during sex.But after the second day, she started to suspect that Kennedy wasn't being completely honest when he said that he was separated from his wife but still lived with her only for financial reasons, she testified."I just felt like he used his uniform to try to do something," she said.

Kennedy of exposing himself and sexually assaulting her in 2014 testified Thursday that after they met on the dating site Plenty of Fish, he asked repeatedly to meet her at her home in Worthington, but she refused. Nothing around so no one is going there unless I'm sure," she replied via message after one such request, according to evidence at the trial Thursday.The grand jury minutes from 2014 show that she testified that Kennedy backed away from her "when he finally figured out that he was upsetting her," which Hoose said is different than her testimony Thursday that he continued to try to force himself on her despite her obvious protestations. She said the woman started texting her about the assault around 6 p.m. "Her voice sounded different than I had ever heard before.She sounded anxious, worried, a bit scared," Didas said. She's usually very calm, but she did not sound calm." The evidence portion of the trial is expected to conclude Friday morning.Their conversation quickly turned flirty and sexual, she testified.Within the first few days, he had asked her jokingly if she was interested in "secret cruiser hangouts" and offered that she could play with his handcuffs.

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  1. Although laughing through the awkwardness may work for some people, if it takes you out of the moment, try redirecting to an earlier point of the conversation. I bet you can imagine my warm lips on your penis right now.” Or shift the onus back to your partner with a hot potato-y “tell me more about what you’d do to me."Let’s say your partner goes from 0–60 real fast and starts calling you names you find disrespectful.