Sonar 4 updating system problem

The latest versions of the programs are available on the SOFi STi K Server (

You are able to download manually the latest program packages, which can then be unzipped into your SOFi STi K directory.

If the error persists, press [Ignore] (not available for mandatory modules).Choose here if you want to download from an SOFi STi K server (default) or from a directory in your local network. ‘’SOFi STi K HTTP Server Highspeed‘’) from the drop down menu.Please check if you have a direct connection to the internet or if a proxy server is used.If you are using a proxy server, you have to specify the proxy server settings.To do so, click on the toolbox symbol right from the server selection box.

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Wait for the other updates to finish, close SONAR and repeat the update procedure for those modules.

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