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For the kids there was a water balloon fight in which some of the adults joined too. There were three littlies present: Dusty, Sahara and Ava-Marie.

Little Ava-Marie has turned out to be a very pretty little girl.

So they can always have all the lamb they want as long as they can explain to little Hannah where all the dear little lambs have gone. Simon told me where NZ sheepmeat mostly goes but all that I can remember is that mutton mostly goes to India. It used to be a lighter wine than Grange and it still is but it is much closer to Grange these days.

What the main markets for hogget and lamb are I forget -- but I think the Middle East is big somewhere there. Anyway, it went down well We finished off with some Christmas pudding and cream.

Unfinished, lost or doubtful works are covered in numbers S.687–S.768. for pf as S.501, for pf4h as S.581, for vn pf as S.381, for vn org/harm as S.678; No.5 arr. for mch pf as S.15a/1, for ch pf as S.15a/2; No.7 arr. for pf4h as S.588; for pf as S.542/1; for mch ww br perc as S.87/1a, S.87/1bis.; for orch by Liszt and Franz Doppler as S.359a; for mch ( pf) as S.87/2; for uch br as S.87/8; for mch as S.87/3a, S.87/3b; for org as S.672/1; for org/harm as S.672/2; for mch org as S.87/4; for ch ( pf) as S.87/5; for uch as S.87/6; for cch as S.87/7partly based on S.235, using the themes of the British national anthem and Rule Britannia by Thomas Arne; fragment only survives (completed by Leslie Howard as Fantasy on English Themes); arr.I actually spent most of Xmas eve writing a small essay about global warming and I made some other points to Kate that are the same as the last two paragraphs of that essay.So it was a day of interesting and fun discussions.As a psychology graduate, she is familiar with the concept of statistical significance so was surprised to hear that the differences between average global temperatures for recent years have not been statistically significant.In that case, a scientist should report that global temperatures have been flat for nearly 20 years -- with no warming whatsoever.

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To progress in the game you have to answer simple questions very rapidly.

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