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Black Americans are about 80% African and 20% European, so the ratios make sense.The Cape Coloureds on the other hand present a more complex picture.I assume in South Africa that someone who is Coloured something else is most likely to self-identify as Coloured. Her identity is a bit more confused, as the surname has convinced many Indian publications that she’s Indian, while Coloureds are complaining that she is in fact a Coloured.Most people in the world who look like Tatum Keshwar are probably South Asian (there 1.3 billion South Asians, and a substantial minority of this is hundreds of millions), and her surname suggests that like Tansey Coetzee she has Indian ancestry.The most prominent of these are the indigenous peoples of the Cape, the Khoisan, who were the natives of South Africa before whites and Bantu Africans pushed in from the south and north respectively.The Bushmen are the most famous Khoisan, though there are several other groups, and likely were many more before they were absorbed into the Coloured population.In most of the world someone who looked like Tatum Keshwar and had her name would be Indian. I wanted to note ambiguities in Keshwar and Coetzee’s ancestry because genetics can now supplement what we know about the Cape Coloureds.History tells us that the Cape Coloureds are the result of unions between Europeans, mostly men, and colored women of various races.

They speak Afrikaans and generally worship in Reformed Christian churches, but exhibit discernible non-European ancestry, in particular African ancestry.The distinctive features and the indigenous status of the Khoisan in the region where they are most numerous, the Cape, also results in an assumption of certain ancestry derived from this group. But the recent massive paper surveying African genetics, The Genetic Structure and History of Africans and African Americans, there is data on Cape Coloureds which is highly informative. K = 14 using the Structure software to break apart ancestry by K number of ancestral populations.The African American populations on the right are rather straightforward, the orange corresponds mostly to African ancestry, the magenta blue to European.Points of significance: 1) Though only some African populations are shown, because African populations are so diverse vis-a-vis non-Africans they have more “colors,” that is, they span more of the K ancestral populations.Non-Africans are to some extent simply subsets of Africans.

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The African ancestry in South Asia is generally associated with Muslim states, which employed slave soldiers just as Middle Eastern ones did, with the Makran coast and Sindh being under Islamic hegemony longer than any other part of the subcontinent. The Khoisan component of their ancestry is clear, as is their Bantu African proportion.

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