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Jo Queta Handy, Ph D, CCC-SLP is an Integrative Medicine Doctor who has developed the Brilliant Learning Program to open new pathways of education to people with...

Reasons Learning Spelling is Hard There are several reasons for kids to have trouble with spelling.

The main reason kids have problems with spelling is that most spelling books teach over 30 spelling rules.

Held at the Planai Stadium in the Austria city of Schladming on March 18th, the day began with... Photography™ The first day of the sports competition for the Special Olympic World Winter Games Austria 2017, the divisioning of the the teams from around the world. Mur River) is one of your everyday picturesque villages located in the Austrian state of Styria, having a population of approximately 13,500 people,... All the excitement, noise and sugar at the start, followed by tears and tantrums at the end. Photography™ On March 13th, the El Cajon Gulls Special Olympics hockey team from Southern California will be flying into Vienna to compete in the Special Olympic World Winter Games Austria 2017, and they'... Photography™ (Copyright 2017) It's almost’s largest sports and humanitarian event. Dyslexia is a brain-based type of learning disability that specifically impairs a person's ability to read.

The day was perfect for a game and everyone was excited to be playing alonside Olympians from yesterday. School Can Be Easier Than You Think For those of us that have children that struggle, school is often a time of stress.

Will this school year be just like last year or will this year be the year that reading, spelling, writing, and math actually get...

These awards serve as our recommendation of these...

Photo via Pixabay by Bessi Childhood Anxiety Watching your child go through something like anxiety is difficult, and many parents find themselves at a loss for ways to help.

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Not to mention all the expensive, catering and planning that’s involved. An event that will inspire and "move" people in ways and to the depth seldom experienced.... Those with dyslexia typically read at lower levels that expected, despite normal intelligence. Pregnancy is a time of joy, great changes, and exciting waiting.

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