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— but what if you currently use i OS and want to try Android without actually getting an Android device?

Fortunately, with a little leg work, you can run Android apps on a regular old Windows PC.

This customized environment is also of little value as a development tool because there’s no guarantee things will render the same on Blue Stacks as they might on a real Android device without all the back-end modifications.

Clicking on an app or searching does something unexpected — it brings up the full Play Store client as rendered on tablets.

You can actually navigate around in this interface just as you would on a real Android device, which makes it clear there’s a lot more to Blue Stacks than the “App Player” front end.

The Blue Stacks App Player presents itself as just a way to get apps working, but it actually runs a full (heavily modified) version of Android behind the scenes.

Not only that, but it has the Play Store built-in, so you have instant access to all of your purchased content.

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It’s great for testing app builds before loading them onto test devices.

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