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As you leave, never stop smiling because it is wonderful medicine, never stop trying, because you are never a failure unless you stop trying, and always be good to yourselves and to others. Ortwein I wish for you so many things - Peace health \, love- But most of all A heart that sings. By helping spread information and care, we help prevent the spread of HIV. Individual members also participate in Task Group and Standing commit- tee efforts, namely Town Day, public forums, diversity “Profiles" writing projects (published in The Arlington Advocate and the Governance, Educa- tion and Diversity Task Groups. Secretary: Lesley Simmons o ^ w Stephanie Acciacca 72 Thesda Street It’s been fun but I’m glad to finally be getting out of here. To my friends and family, I love you and to Edson - I'll miss you, never forget you and love you always and forever.

■jr** Sjgi A b- Jtr i 1 Front row: (1-r) Keith Tremblay, Ryan Burns, John Buck, Doug Diminico, Ben Meyer, Nathan Sheldon, John Karras, Jeff Brooks, Eric Black, David Howard, Damian Ne- mirovsky.

You guys were the best - believe it and believe in yourself. strives to make a large impact on the students at AHS as well as those throughout the entire Arling- ton community. AHS pageant, the bloodmobile, and orienta- tion activities for freshmen and other new stu- dents.

-Jim ond Kora Folcone To my pals - Mark, Jamie, Amanda, Vanessa, Jimmy, Tim H., Edson, Jill, Tim S., Manoli, Mike, and Rian. They plan activities that will bring the students of AHS together including: the Mr.

Front row, from left to right: Garrett Mc Kenna, Pepe Anzalone, Emma Carroll, Ash- lin Bolton Back Row, from left to right: Alex Cole, Annie Dredge, Ben Sherman, Sa- rah Jones, Christina Tsafoulias, Ryan Burns, Pat Connors, Jon Buck, Shawn Boyle, Catherine Harrington, Alice Curley, Byron Alex, Lisa Mc Glatherty, Norman Magne- The purpose of the Art Club is to promote visual art in our school and to provide a creative outlet for students' artistic expression.

Students are in- volved in a variety of activities includ- ing attending are exhibits, open stu- dios, and fine art performances, paint- ing murals around the school and pro- viding opportunities for students to display their artwork through student art shows, publications and competi- tions.

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