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They are hidden at first, and usually propagate slowly. We could fill this entire web site with new words that will never be heard from again.However, it’s more interesting for me and you if I log words which show at least some sort of acceptance before their status as “new” words is recognized.Double-Tongued Word Wrester was a terrible website name — not least because everyone kept spelling it wrestler ‘one who grapples with sweaty, grunting man-animals’ instead of wrester ‘one who takes with force’ — so he later changed it to Double-Tongued Dictionary.

That means that more than 18,000 dictionary records are now at home here and searchable from the top of every page.Or, while a subject might be interesting, the writing might be dry and unquotable. The idea of focusing on interesting numbers (totals, percentages, proportions, rankings, whatever) I borrowed from French newspapers, which often have a box devoted to chiffres.So a few years ago I began searching for smaller elements to extract and found that by picking out an unusual word or a significant number, I could offer yet another entry point to the larger article. The sidebar for World New York became kind of a blog-within-a-blog, with short snips of “found” words and numbers and their definitions or explanations. As for words, sites like Word Spy, and to a lesser extent Word Detective and World Wide Words, have been doing something similar for years.Many thanks to them and to all the folks who emailed and commented over the years.As it’s still pertinent and useful, below is the last “About” page from the Double-Tongued Dictionary, authored from 2004-2012 by Grant.

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